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Can I buy any of these services as a gift to someone else?

Yes. Since this is a common purchase to gift a loved one (e.g., parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, boss, neighbor, etc), you can list the recipient upon check out or let us know when we contact you.


What is a self-paced video interview?

Self-paced videos are a unique and interesting way for loved ones to better experience your stories.  Not only will they hear your stories, your voice, and your laugh, but also they will see your facial expressions, making something you're known for, or wearing your favorite shirt while filming from your favorite spot. We've provided a brief video to walk through the straight-forward steps of a self-paced video interview.  We designed this to be easy to use.  Click here to watch a demo.

Do transcripts of the interviews come with all services?

Yes. We provide electronic copies of all interviews and any transcriptions services. These can be provided through a secured link, as well as an external thumb drive.

Can I add more interviews or buy more books after the interviews begin?

Absolutely.  Just let us know your desire and we will provide options for any additional services.

If I buy more in-person interviews, will I get the volume discount?

We will price any additional interviews per recipient according to how many you add.  For example, if you bought one interview and want to add two more for the same recipient, we will credit you $10 for the initial interview and then charge $139 per interview.  If you want 5 or more interviews after your initial purchase, the price will be $129 for this and any previous purchase for the recipient.

How many interviews does it typically take to capture a full life story?

We find most clients prefer to cover their full life story, which generally involves 6-10 interviews. Of course, it depends on the level of detail and length of each answer.  Whatever kind of storyteller you are, we can help you accomplish your goal in as many interviews as you like.

For in-person interviews, where do we meet?

Given the current global covid pandemic, we want to ensure the health and safety of our staff and clients.  At this time, we are offering phone, email, and virtual in-person interviews using our online videoing platform.  These sessions are recorded, which gives additional dimension to the stories during the online videoing interviews.  For those needing extra technical assistance, we will guide recipients through accessing the meeting for our in-person interview.

Is there an expiration date to my purchase?

Interviews must be initiated within one year from the date of purchase.  To help keep progress moving, interviews should be completed within six months of the first interview.  Of course we understand there may be unforeseen circumstances.  We are happy to work with you.

Can in-person interviews be done on a flexible schedule?

Each client's goals are unique. In-person interviews and schedules are customized to your interests and timeline.  Before we begin in-person interviews, we will meet with each new client to discuss the scope of work (e.g., goals, questions, timelines, deliverables, etc.) free of charge.

Can I receive your generic list of questions without selecting them from a list?

Yes.  We work with you to accomplish your goals.  We send our new clients a brief survey to help guide our question suggestions.  The short survey tells us the areas of your life you'd like recorded.  If you prefer our general questions that span your childhood through retirement, just submit your email address and leave the rest blank.  

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