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To preserve as many life stories for current & future generations. Greater connections are formed with our ancestors when we know where we came from; It helps us know who we are, learn important family values, navigate our future, and teach the next generation.

Let us help you protect your family stories before precious moments pass or fade away.

Family Photos in B&W
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I love family history and preserving memories, photos, and documents. As a youth, my mom took me to every family reunion and extended families' homes to visit.  Those visits turned into storytelling, which turned into recording the stories.  I captured the chemistry between my great aunts and uncles, recounting shared stories and meaningful moments.

Family and Personal History have been important and long-lasting components in my life.  From family reunions and visiting loved ones to journaling and preserving photos and documents, all of these don't adequately capture a life well lived and lessons learned not does it preserve the spoken word from the storyteller. 

I can't imagine doing anything more meaningful than helping others preserve their life stories.  Sharing and recording their stories give loved ones a sense of peace, satisfaction, and appreciation.

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